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- Information-
First Name: Shuketsu
Middle Name: none
Last Name: Sagai
Nickname(s): Shu, Ketsu
Age: 16
Birthday: July 4th
Race: Vampire

Physical Looks: Shuketsu stands at five foot three inches and she has a very tan complexion. Her hair is an unnatural white color, it flows all the way down to her lower back and her eyes are blood red. She is slightly busty and has a somewhat muscular build. Her normal attire is a black or red tanktop, short shorts (^^) or jeans, and sneakers.

General Personality: She is kind and funny but often wants to keep to herself
Goals: Wants to make alot of friends
Likes: Reading, Drawing, the color red, and funny things
Dislikes: Jerks, preps, and cats
Bad Habits: She bites her lower lip when she is worried or just thinking.
Fears: Losing all of her friends.

Parents: Kimi Sagai (mother/dead) Taka Sagai (father/dead)
Siblings: none
Other family: none
History: A long time ago Shuketsu was kidnapped from her family by Hunters. They took her to their village and examined her. Since she was a pureblood vampire they used that to their advantage. THey learned her eating habits her way of attacking and her way of thinking. They ran many tests on her until the only name that she had ever come to know for herself was 'labrat'. When she was 14 she broke out of the place by killing any hunter that stepped into the cage that she ad lived in. She got out but had no where to go.
She was starved and barely knew her own name, let alone where she was. So she started traveling. She fed off of mostly big game until she found Nishikaikaku. It was a small village with rich looking homes and beautiful shops. But it looked diserted. So she decided to stay. She found the restaurants had been packed with food and anything anyone would need to survive. She met a couple other people who had lived in the village before she arrived and they helped her put the place back together.

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