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Raito Reaper

Post  Raito Reaper on Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:33 pm

First Name: Raito
Middle Name: none
Last Name: none
Nickname(s): Reaper or Raito-The-Reaper
Age:??? (Looks 18 or early 20's)
Birthday: ???
Race: Reaper Reincarnation/Demon

Physical Looks:

General Personality: Raito is calm under any circumstance and he is rash.
Goals: Make Friends
Likes: Reaping, Helping, Girls
Dislikes: Cruel people, Transportation (Motion Sickness)
Bad Habits: Staring off into the sky
Fears: None

Parents: ???
Siblings: none
History: He was recently reincarnated he has no memories of his past life and barely any of his current life.
Raito Reaper

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