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Tokaji, Natsuki

Post  Tokaji Natsuki on Mon Jun 29, 2009 11:15 pm

First Name: Natsuki
Middle Name: Miho
Last Name: Tokaji
Nickname(s): Suki
Age: 13
Birthday: October 16
Race: Werewolf

Physical Looks: When in human form, Natsuki has long, black hair with a blue/purple tinge that falls past her waist. Not very tall, only 154cm. Has strange eye colours, they don't exactly change colour. But depending on which angel you look at them, they can change drastically. But her original eye colour is She is lightly tanned, and has a slim figure. Which affects her wolf form greatly. She wears anything. In her wolf form, she transforms into a long slim black and red wolf. Her tail is nearly as long as her body, she has larger ears than normal werewolves, and piercing red eyes.

General Personality: In her human form, Natsuki is happy, bright and playful. She treats everyone like family and loves making new friends. In her wolf form, she as a flipped personality. She is violent and trust those who are friends and family. She doesn't take things likely and will engage in battle if she senses danger in the opponent. But because she is still young, her werewolf powers are still developing and she isn't as strong as the rest of her family. And because of her slim figure, she tires out easily and if hurt, she takes longer to heal than other werewolves.
Goals: To become healthy and strong to be able to protect the ones she loves.
Likes: Water, Watermelon and Sleeping
Dislikes: Neko's and Enemies (xD)
Bad Habits: Grinds teeth and growls a lot.
Fears: To die alone, with no friends or family.

Parents: oka-san; Tokaji Haruka. otou-san; Tokaji Kouhei
Siblings: onee-san; Tokaji Natsumi
History: Natsuki grew up in a small village just beyond the mountains in the Southern Regions of Japan. The village she lived in was inhabited with werewolves and demons living in harmony. The Lord of the village was a demon called Riku. After centuries of living in peace, Riku decided to attack the werewolves living in the village. Driving them out of their home and land. The werewolves and demons were in a 6 month war. Natsuki and her onee-san was taken away by her oka-san to a safe place, while her oka-san went back to help her otou-san fight and defend the rights of the werewolf. Natsumi took care of Natsuki while she was little, but because the both of them were still young. they had very little food to eat which caused her to be so skinny. After the long 6 months, her oka-san and otou-san returned, saying how they had lost the war with the demons. They now had to flee, and get out of the Southern Regions. They travelled for 4 months, in hoping to reach the eastern regions to start up a new village. But before long, they were found by Riku and his henchmen, Natsuki was 10 and was able to fully control her werewolf form. She transformed along with her family and started to fight. After a while, her oka-san growled at Natsuki to flee, run away. Leave them to finish the battle. She promised to come find her when they had won. Natsuki hesitated but after her oka-san snapped and barked at her, she fled. She ran as fast as she could, not knowing where she was going. She ended up in Nishikaikaku, a large town that was quiet... and what seemed to be uninhabited. She settled down and awaited that day that her family would come to find her. It had been 3 years and no word of her family ever reached her. she grew worried but did not want to leave Nishikaikaku, in fear that they would come here looking for her.
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